Since its inception, Interscape Design Associates(IDA)Pte Ltd, which specializes in high-end customizedinterior design services for luxury business hotels, resorts, spas, residential and upscale clubs, has beerpushing the boundaries for design excellence in the ever-changing world of interior design

Our highly qualified designers, whom have presided over various projects in North America, theMiddle East as well as several Asian countries, have participated and customized designs for top hotelmanagement brands such as Intercontinental, Starwood, Hilton and Fairmount, to name a few. Ourdesigners not only have a wealth of professional career experience under their belt, but they alsoable to adapt the current trends of international hotel design concepts and apply them tothe arepossess an in-depth understanding of the cultural essence of their projects. On top of that, wChinese market while still retaining a global perspective. Most importantly, we have a sophisticatedunderstanding of the domestic real estate operations of a senior design company

IDA has on hand an elite team of more than 100 designers which have been selected based on themarket. This enables us to undertake projects with full participation guaranteed, thus allowing thesenior designer as well as the design director to personally control the quality of work. For severalyears now, IDA has been recognized by our clients, and we are constantly seeking out new projectsto challenge ourselves





Mature Hotel Construction CostOptimization and Budget Contro

Due to the large amount of data we have for hotelconstruction cost gained through seventy Wanda hotelprojects, we can assist clients with Cost Optimization andBudget Control efficiency and realistically. In order tomaximize the benefits and profits for our clients, we offerclients a Target Costing service to help guide theirdecisions towards dynamic cost estimates and designdevelopments through the entirety of the design process

Pre-construction Optimization of FunctionalOrganization and Circulation in Architecture

With full understanding of the important issues andconcern that clients may have, such as Hotel operationrequirements and differentiated marketing, we are ableto help clients with pre-construction optimization ofFunctional Organization and Circulation in ArchitectureOur pre-construction service has several benefits withregards to saving on construction costs as well asoperation costs after the hotel has opened

Rich Experiences in H otel DesignManagement Control and Coordination

Leading our Hotel Design Management Control andCoordination department, Jerry Wu, editor in chiefof Wanda Hotel Deign Standard Control Processwill guarantee the completion of Hotel Design inan efficient fashion. We are able to help clientswith up to 11 types of coordination, especially thosein close relation with Architectural, Interior DesignMechanical Electrical, Lighting Design andLogistics Design. Moreover, we can provide clientswith a mature hotel support and resources with ourextensive support directory as well as servicescatering to Price Evaluations



Awarded Best Hotel Designer of 201 I issued by ASIA

Member of British Interior Desion Association #4247

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada- Bachelor of Interior Desian

jerry wu has worked for the worlds largest hospitalityinterior design firm , h irsch bender associates chba ,for five years as an associate designer and waspreviously based i n four ba offices includingatlanta , los angeles , shanghai and dubai . afterjoining wanda group as a general manager ofhotel design department 2009 , he supervised morethan thirty hotel designs and had seven fivestarhotel grand openings in 2010

His worldwide hospitality design experience andknowledge of local developer managing processeshas enabled him to encompass all phases ofterior design-mep architectural coordinationand construction. His unique career backgroundwith a top international design firm and the largestcommercial developer in China allows Jerry theopportunity to develop each project efficientlyand effectively, which allows him to focus on thnecessary details that will bring the project tofruition while at the same time exceeding thexpectations of clients


J. Cho Design Associates TorontoDesigner


II BY V Design Associates. TorontoDesigner


Hirsch Bedner Associates. Atlanta Designer + The Ritz-carlton Guangzhou The Ritz-carlton Beljing


J. Cho DesignAssociates TorontoDesigner


J. Cho DesignAssociates TorontoDesigner


J. Cho DesignAssociates TorontoDesigner


J. Cho Design Associates TorontoDesigner

J. Cho DesignAssociates TorontoDesigner